Mac The Rebel

“Emcee/Producer/Engineer/And Senior Vice Prez of Planet X Records LLC.
Macabean the Rebel, a Bronx Native, grew up around the Hip-Hop scene since his youth, has been inspired alot from Emceeing, to Graffiti, and so on. Besides his lyrical skill, he also brings his grit into the production field, which he is also best known for with his Militiaman Productions imprint, which was created in 2004. He has worked on many projects in the past, but the project
that gave futher recognition for his emcee and producing talents was on his first pressed release “Werdz from the Rebel Part 2”. It was also known as PXR’s first
album release. With a little extra help, it had sold 200 copies below and within the Tri-state area, plus internationally. Soon with the collaboration of long-time ally
Vega X, to create Guerrilla Alliance, the realization of his talents have been pushed further towards the boundary to make music he always wanted to make. He has worked with
Canibus, Sean Price, Chief Kamachi, The Holocaust, Shabaam Sahdaaq, Armageddon from Fat Joe’s Terror Squad, producer Domingo, and more! He has also released 3 mix-tapes (“Mac Blaze Killed the Radio Star”, “Livelihood: Before the Rebel”, and his most recent one, “Lost Cities and Vanishing Civilizations”), plus another mix as Guerrilla Alliance w/ Vega X (“A Legacy of Chaos
Mix CD”), plus soon in 2014, will be releasing F.E.M.A., his 3rd and final Solo effort. He has done shows from East to West, and produced for many up and coming lyrical artists. Check for Macabean’s music on, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and more. Macabean’s Beats, can be found on